12th Executive Committee President’s Message

12th Executive Committee President’s Message

A warm welcome to the official website of NUS Psychology Society!

The brain is wider than the sky.  — Emily Dickinson

Established in 2006, NUS Psychology Society is a student-led body that serves as a bridge between Psychology majors, Psychology major alumni, Psychology department, and various external partners. Our growth has been steadfast in the past decade, and this could not have been possible without your continued support! On behalf of the 12th Executive Committee, I’d like to express our appreciation to the 11th EXCO for their dedication and hard work, as well as everyone who have supported the society in one way or another. We’ll continue to strive towards fostering greater interests in the field of Psychology in NUS and beyond. We are also committed in promoting the welfare of our members, and building an active Psychology community that is supportive and tightly-knit.

This year, we have exciting plans lined up for you! Besides bringing back popular programmes like Lab Tours, and visits to IMH, Prison, SAAC for those who want to know what Psychologists really do. We’ll also be planning inpsychfulinsightful talks, exploring Psychology topics that’ll expand your knowledge beyond the classroom. Psychology Appreciation Week (PAW) will return too, with fun-filled activities such as Wear-Your-Psych-Shirt Day and Welfare Pack Distribution, for an extra boost of energy. For those who wish to gain experiences, Career Talks and Alumni Conversations will help to provide guidance, on top of the volunteering and internship opportunities we share! As the list goes on, you can stay updated on our latest activities by following our social media platforms.

Of course, you’ll need to be a member to be informed and prioritised for all these benefits. Not sure how to sign up? Simply drop us an email at nuspsyche@gmail.com to state your interest, or fill in this form. With a one-time fee of $5, you will become a member for a life-time — able to enjoy privileges even after graduation! We welcome all NUS students/staff with an interest in Psychology or want to learn more about it, regardless of major!

As we seek to bring our Psychology community to greater heights, we’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions by writing to us at nuspsyche@gmail.com. For those interested in being a part of thebehind-the-scenes crew, you can also join us as a Sub-Committee member, do look out for recruitments! Thank you for your support in NUS Psychology Society. We wish everyone all the best in this academic year, and see you at our events!

Best regards,

Zhang Chuqiao (Ms)

NUS Psychology Society


12th Executive Committee

Email: president@nuspsyche.org