8th Executive Committee President’s Message

Welcome to the official website for NUS Psychology Society! Are you one of our members? If not, we hope that you would join us soon! We gladly welcome all NUS students, regardless of their major, into our society.

The society is a student-led body that strives to promote the well-being of our members. We organise a variety of events throughout the academic year to look after members’ academic and non-academic needs. Welfare pack distribution, Wear-Your-Psych-Shirt Days and academic-related tours are some activities you can continue to look forward to. Apart from carrying on with established events, the 8th Executive Committee would further utilise feedback channels and suggestions from members to adapt and streamline our existing events to better cater to our members’ welfare.

In this new academic year, we also strive to further engage our members by offering ad-hoc event-planning positions. Through this, we hope to enable our members to gain valuable experiences while allowing the committee and the members to get to better know each other. For instance, sub-committees can be established for welfare, publicity and Psychology Camp. Please let us know your interest by either emailing us at nuspsyche@gmail.com or by approaching anyone of us in school. Trust us, it will be a meaningful journey and experience!

Psychology Society also intends serve as a bridge between Psychology majors, alumnus and the Psychology Department so as to foster a cohesive community amongst them. As such, we would hope to see all of you at our events, so that we can get to know each other better. Please continue to support us this new academic year and do offer us your valuable feedback and suggestions by sending an email to nuspsyche@gmail.com or by approaching any of the friendly committee members. We wish you all the best in this academic year.

See you at our events!

Warm Regards,

Yeo Pei Shi
8th Executive Committee
NUS Psychology Society