Life Sciences-Psychology

Considering Life Sciences-Psychology?

  1. What is a Life Sciences-Psychology double major programme (DMP)?

A Life Sciences-Psychology DMP is a programme for students who have passion in both Psychology and Life Sciences (LS). You can choose either Psychology or LS as primary major. You will have to fulfill faculty requirements for your primary major, but not your second major. You will also have to complete a list of modules for your second major, and these modules will replace your Unrestricted Electives Modules (UEMs).

  1. How is the workload like for a double major student?

As both Psychology and Life Sciences are both content heavy modules, the workload for a DMP student might be slightly more taxing with regards to heavy-content modules. However, the total number of modules that you have to fulfill can be the same as a single major student (160 MCs, each module is typically 4 MC) but might be slightly higher depending on the modules you choose to take. This is due to a “double counting” system that allows you to count specific modules towards both major requirements. This might also help to free up more UEMs to pursue other non-psychology and non-LS modules of interest that you are interested in.

If you are unable to cope, you are allowed to drop your second major completely, or convert it into a minor (24 MCs).

  1. What are the benefits of taking Life Sciences-Psychology DMP?

By taking a Life Sciences-Psychology DMP, you will complete both majors in the same time as you would for a single major with Honours (4 Years). The Life Sciences and Psychology content is highly complementary with each other. Hence, you can look forward to an enriching learning experience since the content in one major will facilitate your understanding of the other. You also do not have to worry every semester about which UEMs to take as most UEMs, if not all, will be taken up by your second major.

  1. What is the difference between a DMP and a DDP?

A DMP (with Honours) will require 4 years of study but a DDP will require 5 years of study. A DMP requires you to fulfill only faculty requirements from your home faculty (FASS for Psychology, FoS for Life Sciences) whereas a DDP requires you to fulfill both faculty requirements. Lastly, as a DDP student, you graduate with two degrees – B.Sc for Life Sciences and B.A for Psychology. For a DMP student, you graduate with only one degree with both majors on your degree scroll.

*Note: To upgrade your DMP into a DDP, you need to meet certain requirements. Please consult your home faculty for more information.

  1. How do I apply for a DMP?

You may directly apply for the Life Sciences-Psychology DMP during the University Admissions Exercise or mid-way during your university candidature. You can also re-apply for the DMP after school has started, even if you were not initially accepted at the University Admissions Exercise. However, this is subjected to approval and should be done by the 5th semester of your candidature. There are slight differences in the procedures between the two faculties and you should consult your home faculty/second major faculty for more information.

  1. What is Life Sciences Psychology network (LSPn)?

LSPn is a collaboration between NUS Psychology Society and NUS Life Sciences Society. We aim to connect and create a community of double major students in both Psychology and Life Sciences. We help to facilitate the sharing of resources and academic information about the Life Sciences-Psychology DMP. We also conduct lecture and module coordinations for double major students to attend lectures together, as well as outings to forge friendships.

For freshmen, LSPn conducts academic sharing sessions which provide more information about taking a Life-Sciences Psychology DMP before application to NUS. We also organise a day camp/welcome tea to provide LS-P majors (after being accepted to NUS) more guidance regarding module planning.

Stay tuned for more information on our events via our Instagram! Double degree and minor students are also more than welcomed to join us, simply write in to or sign up for our start-of-semester recruitment drive!


If you have more questions regarding Life Science-Psychology DMP, please click to download our FAQ document.