Textbooks, Past Year Questions and Model Answers?

Are textbooks and readings necessary?

  • For most modules, it is essential to keep up with the readings, be it chapters in the textbooks or journal articles.
  • Highlight the main points, this will help you understand the respective lectures better.
  • Also, highlight areas that you have difficulties understanding, and clarify them during lectures.
  • All assigned readings are examinable even if they are not taught in lectures (unless otherwise specified by your lecturer), so we advise you to buy the textbooks and print the readings.
  • Information regarding required textbooks will be available on IVLE when you have successfully bidded for your modules.

Textbooks are expensive, are there cheaper alternatives?

  • Yes, used textbooks are often traded on Carousell (the old IVLE Forum has been closed)
  • Some lecturers permit the use of older editions, and these are usually available at a cheaper price.
  • You could also earn some quick cash ($5 – $10), by signing up for paid psychology experiments. Not only do these experiments pay, they are also intriguing and exciting to participate in, e.g. participants may be required to undergo a EEG brain scan, or carry out a memory task. Such experiments are often listed on IVLE (Top Row of Tabs, under ‘Student Events’), RP Sona or pinned up on the board at AS5 outside the Labs.

Model Answers and Past Year Questions?

  • There are no TYS available, and most psychology professors do not provide model answers to the essay questions they’ve set, in exams and assignments alike.
  • Having said that, some past year papers have been uploaded in the e-library reserve.
  • However, do note that the exam format and questions varies with professor and cohort.
  • Additionally, some of the textbooks provide test banks of their own, the soft copies of which you can procure from either Carousell or the books themselves.