In line with the upcoming nominations for the 12th Executive Committee of NUS Psychology Society, we have a LEADERSHIP PREPARATION CAMP for anyone:

1) Interested in becoming part of the Executive Committee

2) Interested in discovering more about yourself

3) Interested in discovering more about others

Schedule your calendars for:

25th August, 7pm to 26th August, 1pm 2017 


Sign up now @ tinyurl.com/psysoclpc2017 by 23 August.

See you there!



12th EXCO nominations!


Want to be part of an awesome team, contributing back to the PSYCHOLOGY community in NUS?

Want to discover the leadership skills in you? 

Why not express your interest to be part of the 12th Executive Committee of NUS Psychology Society!

No prior experience required! Just a willing heart and a driven spirit 🙂

Express your interest @ tinyurl.com/psysoc12thnominations by 4th September.


UniPSYCH IS BACK! Don’t miss the early birds!


Register for the tickets in 2 steps:
Step 1: Visit https://unipsych2017.wixsite.com/main/register, or go to http://eventregist.com/e/gI6mZNmxmPyL to buy your tickets!
Step 2: After payment, please head to the online form provided to fill in your talk allocation preferences!

To enjoy the Early Bird price, please prepare a photo of your matriculation card or membership card for verification during Step 2 of the registration.

Early Bird registration closes on Sunday, 23 July, 12pm. Tickets are limited so grab yours NOW! For any enquiries, please contact us at unipsych17@gmail.com.


What goes on behind bars?

Prison Visit

Ever wondered what goes on behind bars? Here is your chance to take a rare peek into the environment and work-life in the prison setting!

NUS Psychology Society is once again organising the Prison Visit this vacation, in collaboration with Singapore Prison Service (SPS). Join us in a tour around the prison facilities and hear their personnel share with you about work at SPS!

Date: 19th June 2017 (Monday)

Time: 1345 – 1630

Location: Prison Link Centre Changi (PLCC) @ 990 Upper Changi Road North

Slots are limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up now at http://tinyurl.com/prisonvisit17 by 9 June 2017! (Priority given to NUS Psych Soc members)

For any enquiries, please contact vicepresident@nuspsyche.org

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NUS Psychology Society is proud to bring back the IMH Visit this coming June!

There will be sharing sessions by an IMH psychologist and a mental health advocate for you to gain a greater personal insight into mental health and clinical psychology as a career. We will also bring you on a tour around the IMH facilities to know more about the programmes and services available for patients at IMH.

Date: 14th June 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 2.30pm-5pm
Location: IMH

Slots are limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up now at tinyurl.com/imhvisit2017 by 28 May! (Priority given to NUS Psych Soc Members)

 a wise man once said...-4-2.jpg

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) Visit

Want to know more about Autism?

The NUS Psychology Society will be organising a visit to the St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) this vacation! Join us to learn more about the operations of the Day Activity Centre (DAC) of SAAC and hear from coaches who are NUS Psychology Alumni. There will also be a sharing of internship and volunteer opportunities available. You may visit this link to find out more about the DAC: www.saac.org.sg/index.php/programmes/st-andrew-s-adult-autism-services

Date: 16 May 2017 (Tuesday)

Time: 1.30pm-3.30pm

Location: St. Andrew’s Autism Centre

Slots are limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up now at tinyurl.com/saac17 by 7 May 2017, 2359.

(Priority given to NUS Psych Soc Members)

For any enquiries, please contact secretary@nuspsyche.org.

See you there!:)

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Hey y’all!

We know you’re busy studying for those impending finals. But you must be curious about what comes after? (Besides holidays and fun and partying till the day breaks)

Well we have a treat for you! On the 9th and 11th of May, we’re having our annual Lab tours to help you make decisions for which lab you want to head towards next sem! Or just to find out what goes on behind those closed doors heheheh… rubs hands together evilly…kidding.

So head on over to the signup link to mark your interest! (Priority given to NUS Psych Soc Members)

Sign up at tinyurl.com/labtours17 by 6 May 2017.

If you have any inquiries to clarify, hit us up at academics@nuspsyche.org