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Yale-NUS academic research conference 

Hey all! The Yale-NUS Society for Academic Research will be organizing an interdisciplinary undergraduate academic research conference, open to all NUS and Yale-NUS students of any faculty or major!

It’ll consist of two parts: the first (in March) for presenting a rough outline of your proposed research, and the second (in Nov) for presenting your completed paper. Afterwards, some papers -after being reviewed and approved- will also be guaranteed publication in the Yale-NUS Undergraduate Journal at the end of the year.

It’ll be a great opportunity for anyone interested in academia/ research/ furthering their studies. You’ll receive feedback/ freely exchange ideas in a highly supportive intellectual setting, and make new friends!

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Please take note that registration for the first round ends on 20 Jan. Check out the website ( or Facebook page ( for more details!

For urgent enquiries, feel free to reach out to Dianne directly at 97843637.

RP: Investigating automatic thoughts and behaviours toward cigarette smoking

(1) Chionh Shermaine (Psychology Graduate Student)
(2) Dr. Jia Lile

Study Title: Investigating automatic thoughts and behaviours toward cigarette smoking

· Recruiting paid participants: Group 1 will be reimbursed $100, Group 2 will be reimbursed $130 upon completion of the full study

· Participants need to be above 21 years old and are active cigarette smokers

· Group will need to attend 10 sessions conducted regularly over 1 month, Group 2 will need to attend 13 sessions over 1.5 months

· Each session will take approximately 1 hour and will involve completing computer tasks where smoking pictures are shown

· Sessions will be held at NUS FASS Psychology Computer Labs (AS5/AS7)

If you are interested to participate, please contact Shermaine via email at Also, if you have any friends who are smokers and might be interested to participate, please help to pass this message on to them as well! Thank you!