We need your creative skills!

Hey there all you creative minds! It’s time to pick up your pens and pencils for a different kind of cause!

This year, to usher in a new decade of PsychSoc and to make sure that our members have a say in what we do, we want YOU as members of the Psychology Society to participate in a competition to design a NEW shirt for the Society. So it’s time to rack your inner artist for the sake of the Society!

That said, this isn’t a charity affair either. The winner of this competition stands to win a special prize package. So what are you waiting for? Submit your designs to secretary@nuspsyche.org today! Include your full name, membership no. and contact no. in the email.

Please submit any enquiries to academics@nuspsyche.org


PAW is here!


Hello dearest members! Are you hyped for the Psychology Appreciation Week (PAW) ? As the semester is drawing to a close with finals coming up, we would like to bless you with welfare packs (1-2 Nov, 10am-4pm) for the extra motivation🙂

Don’t forget the golden paw search! There will be 10 of them hidden around FASS, for our exclusive welfare packs. Simply find one and bring them to our welfare pack collection booth at the AS6 walkway.

There will also be 40 non-member welfare packs up for grabs. Simply show to us that you are taking psychology modules via IVLE.

Last but not least, have you gotten the psychology t-shirt? Plan with your friends and wear the psychology shirt together on the 1 November ! You can purchase the shirt at $8 during PAW as well. SEE YALL!!!

Free Talk on ReAttach Therapy

Invitation to a FREE talk on ReAttach Therapy

Overseas speaker from NetherlandsDr Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus

Date12 Oct 2016
Time: 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, 3pm-4pm

(three time-slots to choose from), rsvp by 9 Oct 16.

The Therapy Room
321 Orchard Road
Orchard Shopping Centre, #08-03
Singapore 238866
Price: FREE!

The intervention is now in use for adults and children with autism. Dr Paula is the developer of the therapy and a proud recipient of the Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award 2015 for her extraordinary work in developing the new therapy.

For any enquires, contact: @thetherapyroom.com.sg.

For more information and to RSVP, visit:


Annual Bazaar 2K16 *calling for vendors!*

Hey YOU, behind the screen,
NUS Psychology Society’s annual bazaar is round the corner and we are recruiting vendors!
Have a jolly good time with us and get your enterprising spirit going.
Simply fill up a short interest form on the tinyurl link shown below by 30/9/16(Friday) and we will get in touch with you:)


Looking forward to our collaborations with you,

11th Executive Committee

NUS Psychology Society

Goodbye, 10th Executive Committee


*mic drop*
Okay, okay we’re kidding. We’ll pick it up. No littering, members!
The Annual General Meeting has just ended, and the new 11th Executive Committee has been revealed. Look forward to the next e-mail blast, where the 11th Exco will introduce themselves and their roles to you. Please do continue supporting Psychology Society and the 11th Exco in the following semesters.
As the 10th Executive Committee, this will be our last e-mail to you. ):
But of course, you guys wouldn’t want to read a long chunk of text of us saying goodbye right? So we’ll just get to the point and say: thank you so much for supporting us in the past year. Despite all the blood, sweat, and tears, we really enjoyed planning events and helping Psychology Society to grow further.
Without further ado, we bid you goodbye, as your 10th Executive Committee:
From L-R: Teng Tao Xuan Dorothy (Vice-President), Ong Wei Jie (Assistant Honorary General Secretary),
Ng Siew Zhen Jeslyn (Honorary General Secretary), Lee Jia Ying Trena (Director of Publicity),
Chan Tsin Damien (President), Ye Zhao’en (Director of Academics), Ong Shu Qing Julia (Honorary Treasurer)

Till we meet again,
10th Executive Committee,
NUS Psychology Society

Annual General Meeting 2016

Dear Psychology Society Members…
10th Executive Committee; 9th September; 8 more days to go; 7 exco members; 6 people we’ll miss; 5 official meetings; 4, 3, 2, 1; on to the 11th Executive Committee!
Time passes so fast doesn’t it? Thank you so much for your amazing support for all our events for AY2015/2016. We received so many sign-ups for the 11th Executive Committee that we were literally swamped with interviews for the past week!
So it’s time for us to pass on the baton to the new batch. But before that, you have to vote! And every vote counts, and goes towards the new 11th Executive Committee who will shape Psychology Society for AY2016/2017… so choose wisely! ;D
Hence, we would like to invite all our members to the last event of the 10th Executive Committee, the Annual General Meeting 2016! It’ll be held on 9th September, Friday, 6.30pm at LT14. We’ll be giving you updates on what we have done in our term, and what you can expect in the upcoming year. We will also be holding the annual Executive Committee elections to elect our new office bearers. All members who will be attending will be entitled to decide who to be selected for the upcoming committee.
And we know ya, we heard ya… there will be FOOD.
See you there! (:
NUS Psychology Society