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Self-Care Tips #8

As you gear up for the new semester, don’t neglect your health and diet! One way to take care of yourself is to eat healthy 🤤 Here’s an easy recipe […]

Self-Care Tips #7

We hope that all of you have been successful in choosing their desired modules and is ready to start tutorials next week! We know that not everything will always go […]

Therapy Options

In a world where therapy often costs an arm and leg 💸, affordable and accessible therapy options are always a plus! The good news is, mental health and counselling services […]

Module Reviews

NUS Psych Soc Mod Reviews is back!!! 🤩 Have you taken any PL mods? Help us by submitting your mod review! Your reviews will greatly help your peers learn more […]

Self-Care Tips #6

It is the start of the semester and a new year! Have you set a realistic resolution for the year yet? If not, here is our suggestion: wake up at […]

Self-Care Tips #5

Congratulations on making it to the end of the week! 🥳👏 Before you continue rushing for finals, how about spending some time with mother nature 🥬? This concludes our daily […]


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